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Dr John Hypoallergenic ACTIV 15 kg

Dr John Hypoallergenic ACTIV 15 kg

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Looking for a dry food suitable for your active dog? Choose Dr. John Hypoallergenic Activ 15 kg. This product is fully hypoallergenic, making it suitable for dogs with special dietary needs due to food allergies. Our pet food store offers Dr. John Hypoallergenic Activ 15 kg at an attractive price. See what exactly you will provide your dog if you buy this food.

The new formula of Dr. John Hypoallergenic Activ is recommended for adult dogs of all breeds, especially those that are very active on a daily basis. Its ingredients include: 40% high-quality chicken meat, salmon oil - a source of unsaturated fatty acids, oats - improves the functioning of the digestive and nervous systems, strengthens immunity, herbs - support digestion and joint mobility, and have anti-inflammatory effects, yucca extract - aids the absorption of essential nutrients, improves digestion and regulates excretory processes. These ingredients are not accompanied by wheat, soy or dairy products, so you can be sure that Dr. John Hypoallergenic Active dog food is suitable for dogs with intolerance to any of them.

Ingredients: Dehydrated poultry meat (40% chicken), barley, rice, chicken fat, oats, beet pulp, salmon oil (2%), flaxseed, minerals, herb mix (sage, oregano, mint, rosemary, turmeric and ginger), extract from New Zealand mussels (200 mg/kg), yucca extract. 

Analytical components: Protein 30.0%, Fat 20.0%, Ash 6.50%, Fiber 2.80%, Vitamin A 12 500 iu/ kg, Vitamin D3 1250 iu/ kg, Vitamin E 110 mg/kg, Copper 10 mg/kg, Iron 80 mg/kg, Iodine 2 mg/kg, Manganese 45 mg/kg, Selenium 0.20 mg/kg, Zinc 150 mg/kg, Zinc Chelate 18 mg/kg Antioxidants.