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Looking to stock up on dog food? Dr. John Titanium Rich in Chicken with Vegetables is a great investment. This dry food for adult dogs and puppies from 4 months old, offered by our pet food store, contains high-quality nutrients. The new improved formula, on which Dr. John dog food is based, available in a 4 or 15-kilogram package, will provide your pet with the best.

Dr. John Titanium Rich in Chicken with Vegetables is the perfect daily diet for both young and active adult dogs. Concentrated nutrients improve the performance and endurance of a puppy from 4 months of age, while the addition of extract from edible mussel helps protect its joints during the first activities. The improvement of the dry food formula for Dr. John Titanium puppies was influenced by the addition of: 32% high-quality chicken meat, salmon oil, which is an even better source of unsaturated fatty acids. Alfalfa - a source of vitamins C and E green peas - an excellent source of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. It is worth noting that the meat used in the food is approved for human consumption, which indicates that the manufacturer cares about the high quality of Dr. John Titanium food ingredients.

To further support the development of a puppy and adult dog, it is worth deciding to purchase - 

Composition: Poultry meat (32% chicken), wheat, barley, corn, chicken fat, rice (4%), vegetables (4% green peas), chicken broth, minerals, salmon oil (0.25%), alfalfa, flaxseed, herbs (450mg/kg), extract from New Zealand mussels (50mg/kg), yucca extract. 

Analytical components: Protein 25.0%, Fat 15.0%, Ash 6.50%, Fiber 2.50%, Vitamin A 12 500 iu/ kg, Vitamin D3 1250 iu/ kg, Vitamin E 110 mg/kg, Copper 10 mg/kg, Iron 80 mg/kg, Iodine 2 mg/kg, Manganese 45 mg/kg, Selenium 0.20 mg/kg, Zinc 150 mg/kg, Zinc Chelate 18 mg/kg.

25% Protein 15% Fat Ideal for Working & Sporting Adult and Junior Dogs
Extra Joints Protection New Zealand green-lipped mussel extract for healthy joints
Made in the UK Locally Sourced Ingredients
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